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Universal 3D Active Shutter TV glasses (Bluetooth) for Samsung/Panasonic 3D TV

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•      Brand : Gonbes

•Bluetooth communication method, work without emitter

•Auto power off function, energy efficiency

•Button Battery supports 100 hours continuously working time

•High transmission lenses with brighter 3D video image

•High-tech light-speed LCD shutter technology

•High quality stereoscopic 3D solution

•Detachable Arms, light design, 27g only


3D Glasses type:Active shutter


Display compatibility: Bluetooth TVs, projectors

Frequency: 96-144HZ

Response time: 2.0ms

Contrast: 750:1

Transmission: ≥37%

Battery Type: CR2025 Button Battery

Contentiously working time: 100 hours

Dimension: 145 × 40 × 147 mm

Net Weight: 27g

Operating temperature: 0 ℃ - 40 ℃

Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa - 106 kPa

Color:  Black

Compatible List:


Panasonic Samsung
TC-L42ET5 UN65ES8000 PN64E8000 UN65D8000X  PS64D8000FJ
TC-P42UT50 UN55ES7550 PN64E7000 UN46D8000YF  PS43D490A1
TC-P50ST50 UN60ES7500 PN60E6500 UN55D7900XF  PS43D490A1
TC-50GT50 UN60ES7100 PN64E550 UN60D7050WF  UA40D6000
TC-L47WT50 UN55ES6900 PN60E530 UN60D7000LF  UA46D6000
TC-L47DT50 UN55ES6580 PN51E490 UN60D6900WF  UA55D6000
TC-L47DT50 UN65ES6550 PN60E8000 UN60D6500VF  UA55D6400
TC-P50XT50 UN55EH6070 PN60E7000 UN55D6450UF  UA46D7000
TC-L47ET5 UN40EH6030 PN51E6500 UN55D6420UF  UA55D7000
TC-P50UT50 UN60ES8000 PN60E550 UN60D6400UF  UA55D8000
TC-P55ST50 UN46ES7550 PN51E530 UN32D6400UF  UA55D6000
TC-P55GT50 UN55ES7500 PN51E8000 UN55D6300SF  UE40D6530
TC-L55WT50 UN55ES7100 PN51E7000 UN65D8000YF  UN55D6420UFXZA
TC-P65VT50 UN50ES6900 PN51E550 UN46D7900XF  PN51D550
TC-L55DT50 UN50ES6580 UN55D6300SF UN55D7050XF UN55D7000LF
TC-L55ET5 UN55ES6550 PN64D8000FF UN55D7000LF PN51D490
TC-P55UT50 UN60ES6500 PN64D7000FF UN55D6900WF PN51D550C1F
TC-P65ST50 UN40ES6500 PN59D6500DF UN55D6500VF PN51D550C1FXZC
TC-P60GT50 UN46EH6070 PND51D550 UN46D6450UF PN51D550 
TC-P60UT50 UN55ES8000 PN59D490 UN46D6420UF UE32EH6030
TC-P60ST50 UN46ES7500 UN46D6300SF UN55D6400UF
TC-P65GT50 UN46ES7100 PN59D8000FF UN55D8000X
TC-P42UT50 UN46ES6580 PN59D7000FF UN46D7050XF
TX-P50ST50B UN55ES6500 PN51D6500DF UN46D7000LF
UN32ES6500 PND59D550 UN46D6900WF
UN65ES8000 PN51D7000FF UN46D6500VF
UN40ES6580 UN40D6300SF UN40D6420UF
UN50ES6500 PN51D8000FF UN46D6400UF
PN51D7000FF UN55D8000YF
PND64D550 UN40D6500VF
PN49D490 UN40D6400UF


Not Compatible with:


Panasonic Samsung Sharp Toshiba  Sony
TX-P50GT50 PS50C680G5KXXU  LC60LE652E 50L5333DG  XBR-55X855B
TX-P42GT30E UN46ES6500 LC-LE-E LSeries
TXP42ST50B UE50ES6300 TLSeries



1x Glasses 

2x Button Battery

1x Storage bag

1x Cloth

1x User manual


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