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Rechargeable Automatic Electric Hands-Free Amabrush

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1, Charging: a charge of 10 minutes, ready mode life can be more than 20 days, energy saving.

2, Convenient touch switch

3, The magnetic connection: Do not worry when brushing your teeth due to vibration led to the loss of the problem.

4, Automatic bubble:
When switch on, the power head will extract the toothpaste liquid into a foam, through a tiny pipe to the toothbrush head, evenly applied to the tooth surface, so that brushing more comprehensive.

5, Toothbrush head
U-shaped mouthpiece design, with the human bite engineering, simultaneous 360 ° all-round rapid cleaning of tooth surfaces and interior. Food-grade bacteriostatic silica gel, can be replaced by different specifications, super waterproof and washable repeated use, work can kill 99.99% of the oral cavity of bacteria, to the teeth of the healthiest protection.

6, Power head
It will supply energy to the toothbrush head when you use it, and the toothpaste solution will be stored there. In addition, you can pull out your toothbrush head and share the main base to others. 

7, 360-degree brush your teeth, liberate your hands
Through ultrasonic technology, combined with the unique U-shaped toothbrush first innovative design, the use of just 10-15 seconds, you can complete a 360 ° all-round brushing action, easily save your time.
Material: toothbrush-edible grade silicone; shell-ABS 
Shape: U-type 
Cleaning method: Ultrasonic 
Clean angle: 360 degrees 
Cleaning time: 10-15 seconds 
Charging mode: wireless charging (host and base with) 
Contact: Magnetic suction 
Input voltage: DC 5V 
Packing list: toothbrush head * 2, main body * 1, base * 1, USB cable * 1, English manual * 1

This toothbrush needs to be used with liquid toothpaste.

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