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Radio Color Weather Station with Weather Forecast

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Excelvan Radio weather station is amazing! The display is gorgeous and easy to view and understand, and radio connectivity to the remote sensor is reliable. It can tell you the temp inside and outside via an external wireless sensor. Also has a general alarm function that you just set like an ordinary alarm clock. In addition this station tells you the humidity inside and outside. The station has all of your standard features. Celsius to Fahrenheit, weather forecast, time, day, date and month, and seven languages are all included. Every morning you can read exactly outside weather with accurate temperature and know what to wear when you go outside. Overall, it works great and brings more convenience to your life, couldn't ask for a better product.



Comprehensive Weather Info: The LCD display is large, colorful, and easy to read from a distance, it will simultaneous display of time, day of the week, date, indoor & outdoor temperature, humidity.

4 Weather Icons: The weather forecast is to predict the weather for the next 24 hours, including sunny, partial sunny, cloudy and rainy. And it will be more accurate under the condition of natural ventilation, this will give you the convenience of your next day's work or travel.

Alarm & Snooze Function: You can set the alarm clock, when ringing, press “SNOOZE/LIGHT” to enter into snooze states 5 minutes.

60m Remote Range: The remote sensor can be installed outdoor 60 meters away from the display, to measure indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity with trend, you can read the temperature and humidity inside and outside easily, and the detection time is 15 seconds.

3 Channel Display: Capable of displaying the readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors to monitor multiple locations.

Comfort Level Indicators: One of the three small icons, wet, dry and comfort, will appear on the screen to represent the feeling of the current weather.



Temperature Unit: °C / °F   

4 States Weather: Sunny, Partial Sunny, Cloudy and Rainy


Indoor Temperature Range: 0℃+50℃(+32℉~+122)

Outdoor Temperature Range: -40+70℃(-40℉~+158)

Humidity Range: 20%95%

Temperature Detection Accuracy: +/- 0.1℃

Clock Format: 12/24-hour time display

Radio Signal Range: up to 60m in open area

DC Input: 5V

Power Supply:

Main Unit: 2 × 1.5V AAA battery(not included)

Remote Sensor: 2 × 1.5V AAA UM4 battery(not included)

The Size of Main Unit: 13.5cm/5.31in × 10cm/3.94in × 1.7cm/0.67in

The Size of Remote Sensor: 9cm/3.54in × 4cm/1.57in × 1.9cm/0.75in

The Weight of Main Unit: 0.18kg

The Weight of Remote Sensor: 0.03kg


Package includes:

1 × Base Station Unit(Receiver)

1 × Remote Sensor(Transmitter)

1 × Adapter

× User Manual


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Free shipping on orders over $69.99

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