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PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand Station Controller Charger Storage

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All-In-One: Vertical stand+ cooler+ controller charging station+ games storage+ USB HUB ports+ usb cable.
Universal Vertical Stand: Fit for PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / Regular PS4, allows your console to be used safely in a vertical position.
High-Efficiency Cooling System: Three Cooling Fans keep your console cool and clam, disperse heat from console, improve the operational life span.
Less Time-Consuming Charging: With 2 EXT charging ports can expedite the charge of your both controllers simultaneously. 
*Noted: Charger will stop working when console off/sleep mode.
Game Storage: Features 12 slots to organizes your gaming space, store your games to keep them in order and within reach. ( Please note game console, controllers are not included. )

Space Saving Design
Vertically position which space-saving for PlayStation 4 console.
Cooling System
3 built-in fans to disperse heat from your console, improve the operational life span.
Stable Stand
The stand slot with anti-slip mat on two sides, keep your console safely in a vertical position, prevent slipping.
Fast Charging Station
Two controllers can be charged simultaneously, EXT charging ports can expedite charging your controllers, only need to 2.5-3 hours.
Expand HUB USB Port
Connect other USB port devices, convenient for more facilities.
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Input voltage: DC 5V
Charger output current: 400mA*2
Maximum fan speed: 5000 ± 10%PRM

Package Includes:
1*Console Stand, 
1*USB Cable, 
1*User Manual



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