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Digital Large Screen LCD Display Electric Heating Thermostat Blue

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[Dual Temperature Sensor Control] Internal sensor to measure the air temperature; External sensor to measure the floor temperature. (Internal sensor controls by default)

- [Dual Temperature Display] Real-time temperature and setting temperature.

- [Memory Function] Settings can be saved in case of power failure. (function off by default)

-[Automatically Calibration Function]  Room temperature display precision is 0.5,inner precision is 0.1.

- [Three Operating Mode] Monday to Friday/ Monday to Saturday/ Monday to Sunday.

- [Keypad locking function] prevent the children from misusing.

- Free to choose Manual mode and Programmable mode.

- Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree Display

- 6 daily period programmable controlling temperature setting.

- Come with 3 meters floor sensor cable.


Power source:100-240VAC 50/60HZ
- Load Current: 16A(Electric Heating)
- Display accuracy:0.5°C or 1°F
- Probe sensor:NTC(10k)1%
- Working environment temperature:0~50°C/32~122°F
- Range of temperature adjustment:5~35°C/41~95°F
- Range of temperature display:0~40°C/32~104°F
- Output:Switch relay
- Installation:Wall mounted or on battery seat
- Floor sensor: NTC sensor, cable length is 3m
- Size of display: 74*52mm
- Thermostat Dimension: 130*90*12mm
- Weight:192g

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