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220v 500w Portable Ceramic Heater

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1.High-quality PTC ceramic material. The main body of the heater is made of PTC ceramic material, which has strong stability and high safety coefficient. Therefore, the heater has many advantages, such as durable, safe, high efficiency, environment protection, ect.
2.Excellent functions. The heater has self-controlled constant temperature function and two-second quick heating function. 
3.Flame retardant function. Made of ABS UL94 V0 material, the shell of the heater has quality assurance from inside to outside. The heating body bracket is separated from the outer casing, and the bracket is made of engineering grade material, which is safe and practical, more durable and safer.
4.Intelligent IC control. The heater adopts the DC motor intelligent control IC circuit board. Through the intelligent control center, it can detect various data such as overheating and overload of the circuit board, and convert the high voltage current into low voltage current to ensure the stability and safety of the heater.
5.Ultra-quiet operation. Due to the new convection duct design and huge air inlet, the heater works quietly. Sounds below 45 decibels are like a quiet library, making your ears feel comfortable. 
6.Multiple safety protections. Fall down and auto power-off design. When the heater falls down, the switch will automatically cut off the power and stop working instantly to prevent accidents. Equipped with thermal protector AMT, the internal metal components will react quickly and automatically cut off the circuit when the temperature is too high. When the temperature drops to a safe level, it will work normally again. Besides, the heater has an extreme temperature protection device (temperature fuse). With the double protections, it can ensure timely power failure in extreme cases.
7.Swingable. With the independent rotatable motor, the heater is able to swing, which can send the heating to wider area, instead of only one direction.
8.Low consumption. The power of the heater is only 500W , but it can still provide a comfortable temperature for you in the cold weather.

Power: 500W
Voltage: 220V
Material: ABS
Weight: 1.2kg
Size: 22*15.8*15cm/8.66*6.22*5.90in

Package included:
1*Portable Heater

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