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Excelvan Brand Story



Is this the first time you visit EXCELVAN? Welcome.


At the beginning that EXCELVAN was founded, young and innovative, like most of you, the team desired to live with the benefits from frontier technologies. To watch cinematic movies anytime just in the living room; to play games with friends via 3D VR virtual reality headset glasses; to design unique gifts with 3D printers at home; to control the kitchen, the light, and the heating system through the smartphone wherever we are. However, the plan usually holds back by the three or four digits number (even more) on the price tag. It has been a long time that technology being the driving force behind our daily life. How can we implement the progress with a sustainable and affordable way?


That’s why EXCELVAN was born: to make high-quality electronics accessible to anybody. Consists of a group of young, experienced electronics engineers and Product Managers, EXCELVAN develops a series of product lines in the electronic field. It includes a wide range of consumer electronics ranging from movie projectors and tablet PCs to smart home accessories and car gadgets.  At EXCELVAN we always keep a reasonable price, since the team is supplier themselves, there’s no middleman or re-sellers lifting the prize. For the same reason, no matter what question you have, you will always get immediate & professional feedback with us.


Since the day EXCELVAN found in 2010, the philosophy of our team has never changed. We believe in and strive for innovation; we keep products with state of the art yet simple to use; we wish to make electronics accessible to all people; we put a high importance on versatility. Take your time to browse through our extended assortment of electronic gadgets, and we can guarantee that you’ll find the gizmo that you’ve been looking for.