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The Smartwatch concept by Excelvan 


The Excelvan K88H smartwatch keeps things simple and stylish. It is a light at 210g, small and comfortable to wear on the wrist smartwatch. Speaking about functionality, it is packed with the basic features you’d expect from a smartwatch in 2018.
Thanks to its sleek and handsome design, the K88H is ideal for the person who wants a sharp-looking watch with some tech, rather than a full-fitness looking smartwatch. From the K88H you’ll get the basics of your fitness routine: calorie expenditure, steps taken, pedometer, and calories burned. Also monitors your heart rate and sleep. Moreover, you receive or answer texts and calls, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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Monitoring your healthy lifestyle

watch and record your steps, calories and the distance using the pedometer function. Monitoring your heart rate is easy and you can also set a custom sedentary reminder function which will alert you when it is time to do some sports. Finally, and to complete the circle of your healthy lifestyle, the Excelvan smartwatch also keep tracks of your sleep and displays its quality.

functionality taken to the next level

Besides working on your healthy lifestyle, you can also use the following features:
Reach out to Siri to ask questions, use the anti-lost mode, take the best pics with the remote capture mode, and use basic functions such as recorder, alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch and choose from standard or military time according to your needs.

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"We wish to make high-end electronics accessible to anybody at an affordable price"

It is a simple yet powerful statement that we all strive to reach as a team. Excelvan is made of a group of young and passionate people who believe that technology should be conveyed into user-friendly electronic gadgets so everyone can take advantage of it in order to make their daily life more convenient. 

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what is your mood?

The Excelvan K88H is available in 4 different colors to match your style and personality. You can choose to wear a timeless watch with the silver tone. The elegant and sleek all-black, which goes well whether you are doing business or training for your 1/2 marathon. The trendy and sophisticated rose gold, which adds a glamorous touch to your wrist or the opulence of the gold color. 

Easy to wear 

Sometimes you just want to have a watch that feels so comfortable that you simple forget that you are wearing it.  The wristband of the Excelvan K88H is made of soft mesh metal material and it easy to adjust to different wrist sizes (from a small 8.07-inch to a large 9.65-inch wrist). Find the right fit to your wrist for a perfect fit. 


Sandra P.

Seville, Spain

Purchased Excelvan K88H (Rose Gold) | Nothing to envy other smartwatches

It arrived in perfect condition and very well packed. First of all, the watch is super nice, one of the most beautiful smartwatches you can buy, and before I decided to buy this one, I checked a lot of them. It's very comfortable to wear. The battery lasts much longer than most smartwatches. One of the features that made me choose Excelvan K88H was that it allows me to control my heart rate. It delivers what it promises and the price is just great :D

Louis Bogard

Reims, France

Purchased Excelvan K88H (Black) | Good smartwatch

I wanted to have a smartwach without paying a large sum, so I decided on this model. I must say that the watch is very stylish, the materials do not feel plastic and the details are just perfect. It caught my eye because it's like having a cell phone on your wrist. It's very easy to sync with the phone. It has an ideal size, not too big or too small, and a very nice design (there are several colors available, I chose black because it is the most elegant in my opinion). It is very useful for everyday use, as the battery lasts a long time and can withstand splashing water. The delivery was super fast and overall it seems to be fine for the price I paid.

Carol Williams


Purchased Excelvan K88H (Black) | Affordable and beyond my expectations

Just got this Excelvan smart watch in black color last week and been using most of its features. It’s mind-blowing how this lil buddy works compared to the other branded (and more expensive) smartwatches in the market. It’s compatible with Android and iOS. It has all of the features as the others brands do, such as waterproof IP54, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, step or calories counter and many more. Everything runs really smooth. This also supports Bluetooth speaker connection where the others don’t. The strap is very comfortable. I realize this is what I needed not looking for my phone every time I receive a notification. Now I can just reply to messages thru my watch. It has 3 themes that you could choose from. Absolutely love it!


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All materials and new technologies in the products we sell and promote go through rigorous research and have been tested by specialists to ensure their quality. At Excelvan, there is no day that goes by where we aren't reviewing, testing and searching for new products to make your life easier.

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