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Take your culinary game to the next level with the limited Excelvan summer sales on these kitchen appliances:


Whether you want to become a top-notch chef or just bake for an special celebration, holiday or any other event, a stand mixer will make the cooking way easier 

Excelvan 1000W Electric Food Stand Mixer

This powerful mixer is what your kitchen and you need to take cooking to the next level. It is a gorgeous mixer that combines great functionality and extraordinary design. It features a deep stainless steel bowl, a lift-arm and an impressive 1000 W motor to mix and mash and blend seamlessly without even getting your hands dirty! 

Forget about mixing by hand! Let this multi functional mixer take care of the hard work. What's more! Don't think that a stand mixer is just for bakery. You can also use it to prepare pizza dough, whisk eggs, mash potatoes, and even mix the ingredients for a perfect guacamole dip sauce! 


"Pop-ular" On Sale

What can you binge-eat when you binge-watch? Popcorn popped by hot air. One way to actually remove the excess of calorie intake and to have a healthy snack is to eat popcorn popped by hot air. Sounds good, right? With this air-pop popcorn maker is possible. Make your tasty, fresh and low-calorie popcorn from home.

Excelvan Air-pop Popcorn Maker

The Excelvan Air-pop popcorn maker is pretty simple to use and you will get your tasty, fresh and low-calorie popcorn ready within minutes. It has a removable plastic lid on the top where you can measure the amount of popcorn that you want. Then, pour them inside and put back that plastic lid. Once you turn on the machine, the popcorn will start popping and will go through the conduct to land in your bowl! Easy, right?

This popcorn maker pops up to 16 cups of oily-free popcorn. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a gigantic bowl of popcorn!


most popular grill On Sale

Be the king of the grill and satisfy everyone's appetite during this summer BBQ parties and cookouts. Prepare all your favorite grill and stir fry meat or veg recipes with the Excelvan Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue. It features an extra-large cooking surface to grill for your whole family & friends, an adjustable thermostat and a non-sticky surface for grilling perfection.

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what our customers say...

Sam Davis

Purchased Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue

The indoor grill I've been looking for!
Finally I found an indoor grill that grills and it's easy to maintain. I always clean it immediately after use and I spray Pam to better protect it. 

Claire Anderson

Purchased Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Netflix & Chill (and popcorn!)
This is my first air popper and I love it already. Pops most of the popcorn, launches most of it into the bowl, and takes only a few minutes.

James Hernandez

Purchased Electric Food Stand Mixer

This is a fantastic mixer
I love doing cakes and all kinds of pastry, and the lift-arm feature of this mixer is very convenient to easily remove the bowl in order to get the batter off to fill my cake pans.

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