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Excelvan is a young, innovative, and responsible company that wishes to make high-end electronics accessible to anybody at an affordable price. Our products include a wide range of consumer electronics ranging from movie projectors and tablet PCs to smart home accessories and car gadgets. Take your time to browse through our extended assortment of electronic gadgets, and we can guarantee that you’ll find the gizmo that you’ve been looking for.






At Excelvan, we love cool electronic gadgets. Whether you’re looking for some colorful LED lights to pimp up your room, a projector to watch movies, or an outdoor camera to record your upcoming adventures - Excelvan has it all. Our main product line can be divided into the following categories:


Home Entertainment: Who doesn’t like a good movie? With the home entertainment gadgets from Excelvan, you’ll be able to undergo a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own living room! Our state of the art projectors and video accessories allow you to turn any room into your own, private, cinema at an affordable price. Throwing a movie night for friends and family has never been easier!


Outdoor Sports & Adventure: if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or adrenaline junkie, our outdoor gadgets are perfect for you. Take our sports action cameras for example. These beauties allow you to capture all your upcoming outdoor adventures in stunning detail. Capture your highest ski jump and make stunning footage of you swimming between tropical fish during your upcoming diving holiday. From now on, not a single memory ever gets lost again.


Android & Windows Tablets: always stay connected with our affordable 4G tablets. At Excelvan, we have a wide assortment of reliable Windows and Android tablets for sale. All our tablet PCs feature the latest hardware and software like. As of such, they will treat you to an outstanding user experience. Whether you use them for playing games, watching movies, or browsing the web - our tablet computers are guaranteed to meet your demands.


Smart Home Accessories: take your home to the 21st century with our futuristic smart home accessories. Automated homes are the future and with our smart home gadgets, you’ll be able to pimp up your home at an affordable price. Control your heating from your smartphone, access your security camera’s anywhere you go, and control your robotic vacuum while you’re not at home. From now on you’ll always have complete control over your home even when you’re not around.


Photography: for all the photography lovers among us, we have numerous cameras and camera accessories available. With these gadgets at your side, you’ll be able to snap the perfect picture at any given moment. From now on, you can be guaranteed that not a single special moment in life ever passes by uncaptured again.


Music and Audio: everybody loves music and with our latest audio gadgets, you can enjoy your favorite songs no matter where you’re at. Our gadgets will treat you to an audiophile music experience at any given moment. Relax while listening to the tracks you love or throw a party with friends - our music gadgets bring the best audio for any occasion.


No matter what Excelvan product you’re buying next, you can be guaranteed to always receive the highest quality. We enjoy simplicity and wish to introduce our customers to simple yet innovative products that will change their daily life.


 Excelvan Brand Story




Exelvan’s vision is to make high-quality electronics accessible to anybody at affordable prices. We put a high importance on corporate social responsibility and work in both a social and environmentally friendly manner. We see our customers as the core of our business and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.




At Excelvan, we believe in and strive for innovation. We see innovation as the engine for both social and personal development. Recent technological advances allowed humanity to make incredible discoveries in fields such as medicine, science, and communications. All these innovations had a major influence on our individual lives throughout the past decades. With our innovative consumer electronics, we hope to further influence the lives of our customers by offering cheap yet high-quality gadgets that are accessible to all.


Excelvan likes to keep things simple. Although technology is advancing rapidly on a daily basis, many people still do not take advantage of it due to its complexity. Because of this, we choose to bring products on the market that are state of the art yet simple to use. This means that everybody is able to use our electronics to make their daily life more convenient.


We wish to make electronics accessible to all people. The latest electronic gadgets are most of the time too expensive to be enjoyed by most of us. At Excelvan, we think this has to change! Therefore, we have chosen to develop innovative products that come with an affordable price tag.


When developing our products, we put a high importance on versatility. We aim to design our products in such a way that they offer you a true multi-functional user experience. Whether you’re at home, in the car, or enjoying a day outside - our products are sure to meet your demands no matter where you are.