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Controller Adapter For Nintendo Switch PS3 PC Plug And Play

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Are you annoyed with the stylish game controller unmatched to your game consoles? What you need is just a widely compatible little controller adapter, it will turn your stylish game controller into a universal one, it can connect your wired or wireless controller of PS3/PS4 to game console PS3/PC/NS (three modes) freely. LED indicators for connection status presenting, easy to use, plug & play, it brings much more convenience for game players, you cant miss it!



1. Bridge for Game Consoles & Controllers: As a fantastic bridge, this controller adapter allows you to freely play PC/PS3/ NS games with wired or wireless PS3 / PS4/... controller.


2. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Nintendo Switch(NS), PS3 and PC. Support many wired PS3/ PS4/ Xbox One/ Xbox 360... controllers and wireless PS3/ PS4/Xbox One S/X Wii U... controllers. Pls refer to detailed controller models in manual.


3. Easy To Operate: plug and play, convenient for all ages game player.


4. Switchable Three Modes: A switch on the side of adapter can shift among 3 modes: PC, PS3 and PC Dinput, NS (Nintendo Switch).


5. Smart LED Indicator: It shows 3 different connection status. LED in blue and flashing slowly means that adaptor has connected the console. LED in blue and flashing quickly means in pairing. When bluetooth syncing succeeded, LED keeps on.



1) The adapter doesnt work on PC with Mac system.

2) Each controller adaptor can only handle one controller at a time.

3) A wired USB controller and a wireless bluetooth controller can be connected at the same time, but both of them have the same functions and can only play one game character.

4) Connecting to Nintendo Switch.

When you connect your PS4 controller to the Switch System through the adapter, the Touch Pad button on PS4 controller works as the Capture button of Switch system.

5) Connecting to Windows PC

When connect the PS3,PS4, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch wireless controller to the adapter, need to use a USB cable for pairing, which comes with your game console.) Xbox 360 controller must be a wired one, not a wireless controller plus a USB cable.

6) Installation step for Nintendo Switch

System Settings Controllers and Sensors Pro Controller Wired Communication ON

Before connecting the adapter to the Switch, please make sure youve turn on the Pro Controller wire Communication of the Nintendo Switch Console.



Model: JYS-NS130

Color: Black

Dimension: Length 2.76’’/7cm, width 0.95’’/2.4cm, height: 0.47’’/1.2cm

Net Weight: 14g/0.49oz


Package Contents:

1x Controller adapter

1 x User manual

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